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Importance of Zakat Al-Mal

WeCare Canada provides support and relief to refugees, newcomers, and citizens who are going through a hardship, by providing them access to basic needs (from food hampers and food cards to shelter and medication).

May Allah protect us all, but crisis can strike anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Helping families in need is our Islamic and humanitarian obligation.

The generosity of the Calgary Muslim Community in 2018 allowed us to assist more than 400 families in need of life's necessities.
Your donation to this project will enforce our vision to assist those in need within our communities.
  • Client
    I struggled since last July when I first arrived to Calgary from the delay caused by Canada post strike that delays me from receiving the work permit which is the first step before applying to a driving license and finding a job . We care supported me with my rent and payments which was feeling like a huge weight that I was carrying and saved me from the trap of paying interest and feeling Resourceless , the support that we care provided charged me with a positive energy that was mostly needed at that tough phase . All that time the communication with we care stuff was always positive and they apply professionalism in a very friendly welcoming attitude that even makes me mentally supported as much as financially.
  • Client
    It touched my heart, very nice from you thank you so much. I'm short of words right now to thank you. Every day I'm more surprised how Allah love each of us.
  • MS Family
    I came in late 2017 as a refugeeAfter two months my second daughter was born. At that time my financial situation was so difficult due to a delay in my work permit.What “WeCare” gave me was more than a lifeboat; they keep the food on the table and the roof over my head. “WeCare” if you look deeper they care, feel, sympathize and in the end they help you with love.
    MS Family
  • Client
    Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. Each of you will be in our prayers forever and for always.
  • Thank you from our family to yours!


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