Udhiya/Qurbani 2020

2019 Aug – Dec Newsletter
January 10, 2020






This Eid Al Adha, let us come together as a community, and give back to our brothers and sisters in Calgary!

WeCare Canada is collection Udhiya/Qurbani Donations in two forms:

  • Meat donations available at our drop off locations 
  • Cash donations where 100% of your donation goes to struggling families in Calgary

Udhiya/Qurbani FAQ's

1Where can I drop off my meat donations?
We have four drop off donations in Calgary: 1. WeCare Office (NE) 2. Shapla Halal Meat (NE) 3. Bangla Bazar (NE) 4.Call (403) 971-7375 for NW location.
2How do you distribute the meat?
We have an extensive list of low-income/struggling families in Calgary, our volunteers will work throughout Eid to ensure that the families receive your donation as soon as possible.
3Can I donate Cash?
Yes you can! Price for a whole goat/lamb in Calgary is $400. We will oversee the slaughter, packaging and distribution on your behalf. Visit www.wecarecanada.ca/donate
4Who is required to give Udhiya?
Udhiya/Qurbani is wajib on every Muslim able the purchase and slaughter of the animal.






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