Frequently Asked Questions

1When Was WeCare Established?
WeCare was established in 2005 as a grass-root organization, and Al-HamdAllah with the community's support we have grown and are able to assist a larger number of families.
2Is WeCare A Registered Charity?
Yes, WeCare is a given name to the registered charity, Muslim Association of Calgary. Registration Number: CRA# 888055795 RR0001
3How is WeCare Funded?
We are funded completely through community donations, in the form of Zakat , Sadaqa, and General Donations to fund programs organized by us.
4How Much of The Donations Goes Towards Admin Fees?
In 2018, our admin fees were 2.12%. We try our best to use all the donations to help families, and we use Governmental funds and grants to support our admin cost.
5How Do You Conduct Client Assessment?
We follow precise Sharia regulations when it comes to Zakat eligibility of clients through one on one interviews and documentation obtained from clients to ensure Zakat eligibility.
6How Long Does It Take For Families To Get Help?
Once we have met the family and received their documents, we start our evaluation and approval process. In normal cases, our process takes 1 week. In emergency cases, we provide help within 1-2 days.
7Is The Clients Information Confidential?
Yes. We use a safe and confidential online system that has limited access to authorized personnel only.
8For How Long Does WeCare Support Families?
Depending on the family's situation, they will either need a one time assistance, short term assistance, or long term assistance. In either case, families are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure Zakat eligibility.
9Which of your Programs Use Zakat Donations?
Zakat Donations are used in the following programs: Rental, Utilities, Food, Medication, Education support and our MASKAN project.
10Do You Have Programs Overseas?
As a priority, Zakat collected in Calgary is used to help communities in and around Calgary.
11Are All WeCare Clients Muslim?
As we follow Sharia law in where Zakat should be given to, 100% of Zakat contributions are used to help needy Muslim Families in Calgary, but we do not refuse help to non-Muslims, as we are able to provide them assistance from Sadaqa donations.
Email us your questions: admin@wecarecanada.ca


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