WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q2
June 3, 2018
WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q3
May 15, 2019

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Message From Muslim Council of Calgary

Alhamdollilah and Allah Ho Akbar !
By the grace of Allah SWT, WeCare has completed another year
of community service. May Allah protect us all, but crisis can
strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. Helping families in need
is our Islamic and humanitarian obligation. In this regard Muslim
Council of Calgary (MCC) would like to commend the dedication
of our team of WeCare volunteers who have worked endless hours
during day and night to reach out to families in and around Calgary, who needed immediate
assistance for living essentials, while they go through rough period in their life.
MCC provides social and community services through WeCare at its 5 Islamic centers in
Calgary. WeCare serves underprivileged Calgarian Muslim families, refugees, newcomers and
single mothers in crisis with food, clothing, shelter, medicines, education and all emergency
needs through Zakat and Sadaqa donations. Zakat eligibility is assessed on strict Sharia criteria
to ensure compliance with Islamic rules of Zakat.
The generosity of the Calgary Muslim Community in 2018 allowed WeCare to assist more than
400 deserving families in need of life’s necessities. Thank you to all of our donors and supporters
and may Allah reward you all for your time, donations, dedication and support.
Mohammad Hajar
Chairman MCC



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