WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q4

WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q3
May 15, 2019
2019 Jan-July Newsletter
August 14, 2019


The final quarter of 2018 showed a high number of families that got off social assistance AlhamdAllah!
Where 10 families managed to have a higher income, whether it was from a job or educational funds. In the fourth quarter of 2018, WeCare added a number of 27 new families to social assistance, and with the help of the community, WeCare managed to assist existing and new families with Food, Shelter and Medication (see graph)At the start of 2018, WeCare set out goals and worked hard to accomplish them throughout the year, and with the commitment of the staff and volunteers, we were able to accomplish 85% of our 2018 Goals AlhamdAllah! Some of our 2018 Goals; Data Management of Software, Long term Assistance for disabled clients, and proper scheduling of Food Hampers.

Thank You Message

Our deepest gratitude to Sister Munawara Amjadi, who has led WeCare in 2018 with such passion and dedication! Sister Munawara and her family have recently moved out of Canada, and sadly had to leave us. Sister Leen has taken over as Program Coordinator.



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