WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q2

WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q1
April 3, 2018
WeCare 2018/2019 Annual Report
May 15, 2019

WeCare Pantry Made The News

This resourcee was established in four locations at the onset of the month of Ramadan. It’s aim was to instil the habit of “giving” in young and old alike. With the motto “From Muslims with Love” the WeCare pantry not only reached out to our Muslim brothers and sisters, but also the non Muslims of our community.

In the second quarter of 2018, WeCare’s services hit a record high. We Serviced 35 new families, and 33 existing ones, adding up to 68 families, they recieved help to meet their basic needs.

Food Hampers:

Along with the hamper distrubtion in Calgary and area, WeCare distributed Ramadan food hampers to 140 deserving families in Brooks. In Calgary, the hamper distributed on May 13 supported 183 families and the June 10 Hamper supported 197.

Eid AlFitr:

The festivities to mark the month-long fasting were celebrated in various parts of the city, Akram Jomaa was one of them, with more than 10 thousand people in attendance, young & old, women & children, without any discrimination of caste, creed, or skin colour, stood shoulder to shoulder to bow before the Almighty God. G



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