WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q1

WeCare 2017 Annual Report
February 3, 2017
WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q2
June 3, 2018

Community Serving Community

WeCare is proud to share its Q1 report with the community.  We Serviced 50 clients with rent, utilities, grocery cards and medications totalling in $56,399.
One particular success story we’d like to share is the Ford Escape we bought for a single mother of two.  She has 2 severly disabled children and had lost her car to an accident.  She was extremely grateful for the help.
The 3 main areas we worked on this quarter were:

Food Hampers:

Alhamdulillah! we were able to successfully manage 2 hamper drives.  In March we were able to help 150 families with non persishable foods and in April, 120 families benefited from our drive.

Brunch Talk:

Happiness Equation and Happy Marriages were the topics that were discusesd during these talks.  We had 90 families benefit from these talks.

Girl’s Night:

WeCare collaborated with Girls Night Out for 2 special fun-filled events for girl’s aged 7-25.  Our regular Girl’s night happens every Friday at the OBK campus from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, with 35+ girls attending.



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