WeCare Canada 2018 Newsletter Q1
April 3, 2018

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Message From WeCare

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) delivers all its social and community services through WeCare which operates at our 5 Islamic centers in Calgary. Since 2005, WeCare has been serving Calgarian Muslim families in crisis with food, clothing, shelter, medicines, education and all emergency needs through Zakat and Sadaqa donations.

We follow precise Sharia guidance for eligibility evaluation. Information collected, remains completely confidential through an on-line software with seamless security. In 2017, we served 338 families/1256 Muslims in Calgary and surrounding towns through our 65 dedicated volunteers.

All Zakat-ul-Fitr collected at Masjids was distributed to disadvantaged families before Eid-ul-Fitr Salah. May Allah protect us all, but crisis can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. Helping families in crisis is our Islamic and humanitarian obligation. WeCare appeals to the community to volunteer time and donate tax deductible Zakat/Sadaqa for underprivileged Calgarian families, refugees, newcomers and single mothers.



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