Alhamdulillah! As our month of Ramadan comes to a close, We Care is happy to report the
success of the pilot project, the WeCare Pantry. Generous Muslim community members
have donated canned and non-perishable food items over the last few weeks, giving back to
those people in need. The WeCare pantries in the Ranchlands Musallah (NW), Akram Jomaa
Islamic Centre (NE), Mackenzie Town Community Centre (SE) and the SW Masjid have seen
a steady increase in the number of donations and users as people become more aware and
comfortable with the idea of anonymous aid. While the service began in Ramadan, the
WeCare Pantries are open all year round, at any time of day and all people of the Calgary
community are welcome to give and take the food items they need without any questions
or formal process.
Although WeCare already has the regular food hamper drives that runs 10 times a year,
only families that qualify through an official assessment are eligible for this aid. The
WeCare Pantry was created with the intention of eliminating that daunting barrier for
families who feel uncomfortable sharing their financial situation, are reluctant to ask for
help or who struggle with making ends meet to feed their children. A person may simply
show up to a Pantry with an empty bag, pick the food they want off the shelves and leave.
WeCare volunteers and other community members restock the shelves at regular intervals
or employ a system of exchange; taking an item they need and replacing it with an item
they wish to donate.
It is our hope that Muslims in Calgary will embrace the Pantries and, Inshallah, make it a
habit to donate an item or two each week when they come by the masjids and centers for
Salah. With a large part of our community being young, it would help to foster a culture of
kindness and caring for those less fortunate that will carry through as they grow into adults
who are sensitive to the needs of others. Together, we can strengthen our Ummah by
reaching out helping hands to our fellow brothers and sisters and assisting each other in
raising healthy, happy children. So, the next time you find an extra box of cereal or a can of
fruit in your grocery bags, please drop them off at the nearest pantry and help WeCare help
our community.
May Allah (AWJ) reward your open-heartedness and charity by increasing you in your
bounty. May your children grow to be strong and steadfast Muslims who will guide our
future generations to do good. And may we always look to make this world a better place.


NW – Ranchlands Musallah: 7750 Ranchview Dr NW #23, Calgary, AB T3G 1Y9
NE – Akram Jomaa 2612 37 th Street NE, Calgary AB T1Y5L2
SW – SW Masjid: 5615 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2E8
SE – McKenzie Town Center 40 McKenzie Towne Blvd SE, Calgary AB T2Z 4X5

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