At the YES (Youth Engagement Series) Program, we encourage active participation of both youth and their parents/families. There will be regular series of half-day CAMPS addressing critical issues impacting youth development during precious years of transition to adulthood.
Program: A series of FIVE/year; 6 hrs. CAMPS offering tools to address religious/ spiritual; social and academic challenges encountered by youths (grade 9 to Grade 12) in our community. We aim to provide preparedness and peer support to face adolescent challenges in an effective manner.

Frequency: July/August/Oct/Feb/April each year. 60-90 min dedicated to each of the following FOUR segments with break out sessions panel discussion/snack breaks.

There will be FIVE segments to this program.

A-Faith through purification of heart: lecture by Imam Umer Farooq:”Protecting FAITH while building a career in Canada”: 45 min lecture based on practical issues to balance faith and career faced by youth and how to handle them with 15-20 min Q&A and interactive simple exercises.

B-Leadership: Dr. Adnan Mansoor: “Leadership for Life: Fundamentals and family contributions.”

C-CAREER: Path, Process, and Planning: This segment will focus on the “PROCESS”  for youth to adopt while choosing a career. It will outline the milestones of decisions making and

D-Successful life: ONE STEP at a TIME: Small group round table discussion: We will set up five to six cluster of small groups; where community youth and seniors (combination of one youth+ Senior moderator) related to Medicine/ Law/Engineering/ Entrepreneur/ Business/ Pharmacy will discuss what it takes, answer questions; participants can do networking.

E-Good Parenting techniques: While youth would be attending the Successful life session in main Mussallah: the parents will go to the youth centre where we will have tables set up separately for the fathers and mothers and community leaders like Dr. Abdul Rahman/Habib Abdullah/etc and their spouses ( mothers table) will be engaged in a Question & Answer sessions regarding issue related to raising youth in Canadian society and how to raise healthy and happy youth and families.

Registration 20$/ CAMP or 75$ for five. Max 100 youth (boys and girls)