Back ground

WeCare Canada recognizes that seniors and elders in our Muslim Community are neglected due to lack of engagement and social interaction – resulting in social, physical and emotional issues impacting them and others. WeCare Canada provides an opportunity for seniors in our community to share their experiences and expertise through mentoring of our youth.
Vision: Addressing senior care through active engagement from the community.
Mission: To create a senior led executive council for elderly at a mosque level within the Muslim community of Calgary, focused on delivering the following:
  • Enhanced engagement and social interaction of seniors and elderly in the community;
  • Provide opportunities for volunteerism and mentorship by the seniors to the community at a large;
  • Conceive, plan, and execute educational programs and physical activities for seniors; and,
  • Expand exposure of seniors in Muslim community to peers in other faith based organizations through inter-faith activities, interactions, and programs.


  1. Take Elders to the Mosque: Community-wide initiative encouraging families to bring their seniors/elderly to the mosque or local events
  2. Seniors as Advisors: Allows seniors to have on committees conducting initiatives and programs – such as, but not limited to, social, cultural, religious, humanitarian activities.
  3. Heritage Language Teaching: A weekend learning program led by seniors for teaching, such as but not limited to, Arabic/Urdu/Hindi/Bengali languages to the community.  
  4. Healthy Lifestyle: Conducting small games at community centers/mosque, such as but not limited to – table tennis, badminton, indoor cricket, yoga, healthy eating lessons.
  5. Thriving Thursday Night: Weekly evenings full of activities such as but not limited to – board games, movie night, trivia, karaoke, stand-up comedy, networking and interactions among community members
  6. Share and Care: A weekly open discussion forum for seniors, where they share their apprehensions, fears, concerns, a crisis in current life situations and receive some real life experience based advice, moderated by a community counselor.
  7. Happy Families, Stronger Communities: A bi-weekly program at local mosques focused on good parenting techniques. Led by seniors of the community.
  8. Cross your Comfort Zone: A bi-weekly program for seniors to learn a new skill beyond their comfort zone, such as but not limited to art, computer/embroidery/music/language through the volunteer programs.