This Eid-Ul Adha, WeCare Canada is conducting the collection and distribution of Eid-Ul-ADHA Sadaqa Meat. There are two potential streams to take, as follows:

Stream A (Preferred):

  1. Donors will FREEZE & Store Sadaqa meat at their house and send email to WeCare’s email  (admin@wecarecanada.ca). INCLUDE donor’s name, phone number, and address of donor’s home.
  2. WeCare and/or Mosaic volunteers will pick meat in 48-72 hrs. for distribution within the locality.

Stream B (second option):

  1. Drop 1/3rdportion of meat to “We-Care Collection Boxes” at specific grocery stores.
  2. We-Care/Mosaic volunteers will pick meat within 3-4 hours for distribution to needy families.

Your contribution of the Eid-Ul-Adha Sadaqa meat will be appreciated and supportive to the community!