WeCare Canada has conducted some great projects so far!

WeCare Canada has been initiating Food Drives for the past 3 years, and now, with the help of the community, we are planning to have multiple food hamper driver in a year! We would like to thank our volunteers and staff, who have supported this initiative and made it successful! We look forward to more of these initiatives in different parts of our Calgary community.

WeCare Canada sees food drives as NOT a one-time solution – hunger is a recurring issue, every day, every-year, where families lack resources. Conducting food or hamper drives engage and connect substantial amount of families and volunteers to the cause.

WeCare Canada hosts Yearly Brooks Food Drive alongside the Muslim Council of Calgary. We serve almost 100 families, with over 60 volunteers to help make this possible! We distribute 6,000 Ibs of food to the families in the Brooks community. Dr. Adnan Mansoor stated in a radio interview with 105.7 FM in 2017 that the Ramadan community spirit is what inspired and motivated this initiative, of giving back to the community. Those who received food hampers included refugees new to the community, single mothers, people below the poverty line, and some from the oil and gas sector.

If you would like to volunteer with us for our next project, visit the documents section of the website to fill out a form and submit it to WeCare Canada via email!

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